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Welcome to My Life's Story! Mine is made up of so many wonderful people-purposfully woven together! Everything we do is with and for each other and I am so glad that you have taken the time to stop by- so grab your favorite cup of coffee and Enjoy!

What I love most: my family, my friends, my son's giggles when he thinks he is getting away with something... great conversation, anything with a good title, bold coffee, anyone with a zest for life, exciting and fresh ideas, anything crafty, getting my hands dirty, dancing in the rain and weddings! (all weddings!)

I am happiest: when I can share what I see through a lens. Just as there are no two people alike, neither are views on life. I strive to uniquely photograph any event or person so their style can easily be seen.

"Life Happens... Picture it Boldly!"

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Missy & Chris... A Sneak Peek...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Conner!

I have to say that if one wants to have an afternoon of fun- hang out with a group of kids! Conner turned 7 and a whole bunch of his friends helped him to celebrate with a lot of laughter and a lot more fun! There was so much energy in the room that I didn't know where to be at any given moment! I highly recommend My Gym if you are looking for a fun place to have a birthday party for your child that is sure to be a huge success- call Spring at My Gym (260-4968) Everything is planned out and they can even handle the food and cake for ya- doesn't get any easier than that Mom... Anyway, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Conner~ Have a wonderful year! And thanks for letting me hang out with you! ~S.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Megan and Sean... Sweet Beginnings

On Saturday I went to Tallahassee to work with Wes in capturing the very sweet beginning of Sean and Megan's new journey in life. Megan is beautiful and radiant with her soft skin and sensational red hair ~ and Sean is handsome and kind and together so in love. It was a pleasure working with your amazing family and we send you many blessings and much favor on your new life together! Shana it was so nice having met and worked with you as well. We look forward to meeting with you again! ~S.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kris & Ken... A Maui Love Story

Words cannot begin to express everything I feel about this wedding. It was more than an honor to be part of all the events that tell the story of Kris and Ken. It was memories with friends, it was the witnessing of a truly new beginning for one of the dearest friends in my life- someone who if I had to choose only one person in life that deserved happiness would be Kris. She is not only an amazing person- she just has the ability to make you want to be more and better with your life. And not by the words of wisdom or advice, but because of her actions. She is honest and caring and giving and fun and so many other wonderful things that are sappy and girlie but wonderful just the same. And though I haven't known Ken as long as Kris, you would know him just the same because his heart is as open and accepting as hers. He is willing to tell you how much you mean to him- and he does it with a wonderful sincerity. Just seeing their faces and hearing their hearts at the wedding is knowing that they truly love each other with their whole selves and give everything they have to the other first. I love my career choice on any given day, but these moments are the ones that we come back and visit over and over. We really enjoyed making new friends and are so blessed by you. Many thanks to Willie for helping me in the sea of craziness that often takes place before, during and after the wedding.... He def captured many moments I couldn't and I appreciate your being there to help me.

We look forward to a one year anniversary trip next year! love to you both~ S.