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Welcome to My Life's Story! Mine is made up of so many wonderful people-purposfully woven together! Everything we do is with and for each other and I am so glad that you have taken the time to stop by- so grab your favorite cup of coffee and Enjoy!

What I love most: my family, my friends, my son's giggles when he thinks he is getting away with something... great conversation, anything with a good title, bold coffee, anyone with a zest for life, exciting and fresh ideas, anything crafty, getting my hands dirty, dancing in the rain and weddings! (all weddings!)

I am happiest: when I can share what I see through a lens. Just as there are no two people alike, neither are views on life. I strive to uniquely photograph any event or person so their style can easily be seen.

"Life Happens... Picture it Boldly!"

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rain Drops Were Falling on Our Heads...

But that cannot matter when you are this beautiful! Kellie has been so excited to meet up for their family session so when it began raining we didn't let it stop us! They were so amazing with all of our ideas and running around with umbrellas and I have to say it was worth every drop of rain today! I can never say thanks enough to my dearest and best team mate Wes for his help and genius ideas! Thanks again Kellie- you and your family were so much more than I could have imagined and I hope you love them! See you soon! ~S.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Celebration Outreach

Today my son Ayden is sick... as he was yesterday and tomorrow isn't looking too good either... but with the help of some children's advil and a small window of "feeling a little better' we went out to the outreach today to lend a photographic hand... As with any thing I donate my time to I always walk away feeling so glad I went. It is my desire to be a blessing and it ends up that I am always reminded of how truly blessed I am everyday.

This particular outreach was to give clothes, food, haircuts, bicycle repairs and other things to people in need. But without knowing it, they gave me so much more. For starters they gave me a new found love for people. A deeper respect. Because no matter where we are in life- we all have basic principle needs and it takes each of us to fulfill that need in each other. We can't survive on our own- and it is amazing to me the power of a hug or the smile of a child.

Just remember that no matter how bad your day at the office was or how long you sat in traffic- you are blessed. And it only takes an act of kindness to bless someone whose life may be harder than whatever it is you are going through. Pastor Stovall has said that if you ever want to know who has it worse than you- just look to your left and your right... Someone you know may be going through the worst thing in their life. A simple note- phone call or hug may just be what they need to make it to another day.

We serve an amazing God and today we saw Him. ~S.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Last night Celebration Church's amazing worship team launched the release of their latest and greatest cd "Kollide"! What an incredible and moving night of worship we had! I could have stayed all night I think! We have such a dedicated group of worship leaders and a team of people who are so gifted and talented that words can't say thank you enough for working so hard. Sometimes what I need most in my week is time to praise and worship and set my heart in an attitude of thankfulness. They bring it in a way that is fun and real. And I have to say that there is no place like home. Thanks again for to our incredible worship team! ~S.