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Welcome to My Life's Story! Mine is made up of so many wonderful people-purposfully woven together! Everything we do is with and for each other and I am so glad that you have taken the time to stop by- so grab your favorite cup of coffee and Enjoy!

What I love most: my family, my friends, my son's giggles when he thinks he is getting away with something... great conversation, anything with a good title, bold coffee, anyone with a zest for life, exciting and fresh ideas, anything crafty, getting my hands dirty, dancing in the rain and weddings! (all weddings!)

I am happiest: when I can share what I see through a lens. Just as there are no two people alike, neither are views on life. I strive to uniquely photograph any event or person so their style can easily be seen.

"Life Happens... Picture it Boldly!"

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Date Photos....

So on Easter Sunday we went to Fort Clinch in Fernandina Beach, FL- (I will post more photos later.) but although it is completely shock and awe... I had to give Ayden a spat on his hiney because he was just completely out of control- I know it makes me the worst parent ever, but so be it.. I refuse to have that child that everyone can't stand to be around because they are just rude and obnoxious! Anyway- so after I gave him one spat- and it wasn't really on his butt because he covered it with his hands- I made him sit down and calm down before we proceeded to tour the rest of the buildings inside of the fort. While there I just couldn't pass up the photo op- yeah, yeah- I know I get the "Mom of the year Award" but honestly can you think of anyone more deserving??? So these are for his first date.... Maybe he won't whine so much to his future wife (Lily)....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jeff & Megan... The Slide Show

You remember Jeff and Megan... One of my favorite sessions to date- so finally the slide show... I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ~love ya! S.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter...

Did you ever realize that people are a lot like Easter Eggs? Sounds strange, but as we were dying eggs this morning, they reminded me a lot about how we are as people... Some are more round, some longer. Some look perfect on the outside, but not quite right on the inside~ Some are cracked (me...) Some are more colorful than others- some shine more than others ~ and some just glitter! Some don't look like you first imagined and others turn out to be brighter. Some have variant layers of colors.. and the list could go on- but collectively, they are ALL beautiful in their own unique special way.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day with Molly...

Sometimes when life is life- you have to just stop. Stop answering the phone, stop worrying about the to-do list- just stop, roll down the windows of life ~ Laugh, listen and let go... even if only for an afternoon. Yesterday we did that- just for a little while we took a drive and enjoyed a beautiful day. On our journey we stopped at a little antique shop and found a few great things... I found a "chicken pot" that will be perfect for jambalaya and posing babies... (A really cool idea I am borrowing from Kelly Moore.) Anyway, take my advice and take a day for you. Find something you like doing that you don't get to do often enough- with a great friend you don't spend enough time with and relax. Who knows, you might find an adorable little old lady driving a Camaro~ That was worth the whole day! Thanks for spending the day with me Molly. ~S.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Shower of Love...

Tonight was Kassie's baby shower... This had to be one of the best showers I have ever attended. Amazing food, wonderful friends and a room full of womanly chatter! What could be better? We love you Kas and can't wait to meet your little guy! ~S.